What Is Black Magic

What Is Black Magic Black magic is completely one another subject much similar to the tantra but here we don’t follow the procedure that mainly we use in all kinds of pooja, yagna, and anushthan. It’s completely different and here all rules and regulations are different. If you want to understand in an easy way, so this world is balanced by negative and positive two different energies & both are important for the balancing the world. Day and the night both are important, you can’t ignore the importance of the night and day or compare them with each other. Both keep their own value.

In the same terms, Our gods also have two different incarnations, we call it “soumya and ugra devtas” In the Black Magic we invoke their ugra forms. When you require intense energy or power, you have to follow the black magic. Some people connect black magic with evil and satan also but it’s just a ritual, a ritual you can do for anyone, for a man, woman, god, devil, or a planet, only you should know how to do and manage it. Black magic is not worship of devils or satan in any term.

Black magic actually tells you a different way that is just opposite to the direction that you follow in your life for spiritual prayers but in the black magic also, you are still doing worships of your main devi devtas. Kali, Tara, Mahakaal, Bhairav & Bhairavi, Chinnmasta, Asuri Durga are some deities that are popular in the black magic but actually, these are incarnations of shiva and shakti. So, we should never abuse black magic just by reading a book or watching videos, if you want to know in detail, read these subjects in-depth to reveal the truth.

What Is Black Magic Know About Interesting Facts

Today, whatever you know generally as black magic it is just the 1% of the black magic subject even, sometimes you are actually not doing black magic when you are doing it according to you. 50% of the population only lives in the confusion and never understands actually the black magic is not just giving a sacrifice of animals or doing some aggressive activities in the cemetery area. It’s nothing like that even a real black magic expert never does such things. It is mandatory to keep all your ritual confidential and don’t show off to people but if someone is showing off so he just wants to get the attention of the people to become popular nothing else.

If you really want to understand what is black magic exactly and what are its interesting fact so you can consult with the Jayant Aacharya Astrologer who can explain to you lots more that you can’t find somewhere else but you can get this information only if you are eligible for it. It’s not for common people. There are many boundation with your physical body that you can’t break without any intense power. It opens the door and teaches you how to get out from the Mayashakti prison and live a life with freedom.

Many devils, evil, and asura found this divine knowledge and missed it before, they got buried somewhere by their own karma, they got everything by their own silly works. Many others used it for their own benefits, they never got hurt by these spiritual practices. It depends on you, how you play with the energy and how powerful the guru you have to instruct and guide you as well as today it is impossible to find such a guru like shukracharya who had complete knowledge about black and white magic properly.

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